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What to Expect When You Visit

When you attend a worship service at the Woodland Hills Church, here is what you can expect. First, you will be warmly greeted. The members of this church want you to be here. During the service you will be asked to fill out an attendance card. You will not be overwhelmed with junk mail. You may well receive a welcome letter from the minister or a thank-you-for-coming card from some of the members. There is no particular dress code: some wear dressy clothes and others are more casual in their attire. It is hoped that all will dress modestly.


Bible classes are provided for all ages on Sunday morning before the worship assembly. The Bible classes are arranged by age, so that every member of your family can receive instruction at the appropriate level. Bible classes begin at 9:00 and last for about forty-five minutes. After the Bible class time is finished, all are directed to the chapel for the worship assembly. The worship assembly begins at 10:00 and lasts about one hour.


Here are a few items that you may find helpful and informative about our worship. If you have any questions about any of these items, we will be happy to offer explanation or further information. The intent is to follow as closely as possible the instructions found in the New Testament. Men will lead the worship activities. All present, men and women, are encouraged to participate in the worship. The elements included in the Sunday morning worship are singing, praying, the Lord's Supper, the contribution, and preaching. The Sunday afternoon worship includes singing, praying, and preaching. (The Lord's Supper and the contribution are made available to those who were unavailable for them on Sunday morning). The Sunday afternoon worship assembly begins at 5:00 and lasts about one hour. (There is no 5:00 pm worship assembly on the third Sunday of the month).


The singing is congregational. That is, all are encouraged to sing. There are no special singing groups or choirs. Also, no instrumental music is used. A man will utter each prayer, while the congregation listens quietly with bowed heads. We do not practice closed communion (Lord's Supper). It is understood that the Lord's Supper is intended for those who are Christians, but the elements are passed along each pew and made available for all. That is, visitors are not expected to take a piece of the cracker and a cup of the juice, but they may. Each one is asked to pass the trays along to the next person in the pew. The grape juice is provided in individual cups, which can be placed in the rack on the pew in front of you after you drink. The contribution plates are also passed along each pew. Visitors are not expected to give, but they may if they so choose. (The Lord's Supper and the contribution will only occur on Sunday). There will typically be a sermon that will last about 30 minutes. (Sometimes it is a bit shorter and sometimes a bit longer). It will be a lesson drawn from the Bible.


The Wednesday evening service begins with a devotional that includes singing, praying, and a short Bible lesson.  Then the age-appropriate classes are dismissed to their classrooms. The Wednesday evening service begins at 7:00 and lasts about one hour.


Our primary goal is to praise and honor God.  Another goal is for each worshiper to be built up in faith and encouraged. You are invited to attend any or all of our services.  You are wanted and welcome at the Woodland Hills Church of Christ.

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